good intentions

September 16, 2010

you know, i always do have good intentions, however, the day seems to always get away from me. my good intentions not only include daily household chores, but that of the wooly nature as well.

see, for the most part during the day, i help out my husband who is disabled. he was in a car accident about 9 years ago and was almost paralyzed. the doctors did not know how he was able to walk around, they do not realize just how strong my husband truly is. he had a five level fusion in his neck. he has all kinds of bars and screws holding his neck up. not a good situation. so, most of my day is spent taking care of his mangled muscles and just trying to make him comfortable.

what i really want to do is start my own on-line and craft fair business. i think i want to sell things like baby booties, bibs, etc. start off small and work my way up to bigger things. like, i am really wishing for a spinning wheel. oh man, what i wouldn’t give for one of them ( well, you know, within reason). i would love to be able to sell yarn. i have my name picked out and everything.

i guess i am just kind of daydreaming here, but i have been daydreaming for so long and i really want to turn it into reality.

how do some of you do it? is there anyone out there i could talk to about it? someone who could be a mentor? i guess i just need a friend right now.