the big 4-0!

January 30, 2011

well, today i turn 40 years old.  i never thought about it before.  i never thought about being 40 or where my life would be at this point.  i have to tell you that everything up till now has been a surprise.  there are so many things i was when i was younger that i am going to strive for now.  i was once a planner, a list maker (as in to-dos) and such.  i was creative and bubbly.  you know, i really liked these things about myself.  why did i change you ask?  that requires another paragragh.

i think i changed mostly because my whole life changed.  i became a mom with a man i did not really love and he was mean.  BIG mistake.  i had a job that i really hated for a loooong time. i became very rebelious.  obviously these are in no order.  i could go on and on but it may get real boring for you.  the thing is that i think i let others change me.  i think i let others run me and make me into who they wanted me to be.  now, i am with a man who loves me and who i love back.  who wants me to be me.  i am finally at a place in my life where i can accept me being me.  i am comfortable with who i am.  do i have a lot of friends?  not not really, but you know the friends that i do have i CHOSE to be friends with.  do i have a lot of money?  no, but that is because i have chosen a life for me that is simple.  not so heavy on the mind.  am i the most creative person in the world?  heck no, but i enjoy what i do.  and you knw, i kind of even like the things i create now.

my grandmother, god rest her loving soul, whose birthday i was born on once told me.  you know mary, one of these days, probobly in your late 30s you will come to a point in your life where you don’t care what people think anymore.  you won’t care what people say about you.  you will just strive to be the best person you can be and surround yourself with people who like you for you and most importantly people who you actually like.  you may ask yourself; why in the world would you surround yourself with people you don’t like.  well, its not that i didnt like them, its just that i thought i had to know a lot of people to be someone.

when i was young, from about the age of 8 until the age of 13, i did not have any friends. i mean okay, i had my younger sister.  she was wonderful to me. see, i was and still am overweight.  now mind you, i have come to terms with it.  i am not grotesque or anything, but i am pleasantly plump.  i will not make your eyes bleed if you look at me.  anyhoo, i was teased horribly.  and then one day my dad said to me, you know mary you have to learn to laugh at yourself.  don’t let others laugh at you.  laugh with them.  well, at first i was like are you kidding me.  it is hard to laugh when you are crying.  but then one day i tried it.  i laughed and didn’t cry.  and lo and behold it worked. those kids didnt know what to do.  so after that believe it or not they started to talk to me laugh with me. include me in their jokes and not just because i was the brunt of the jokes either.

i guess what i am trying to say in a very lengthy way is that this year, i am going to be me.  i am going to take all of my life’s experiences and all that i have been taught and told by my family and put it to good use.

i am who i am and that’s who i am going to be.



January 28, 2011

i have been inspired by SO many things recently that i decided i should start blogging again and hopefully stick with it.  i have been inspired by the weather, by the people i follow on twitter, by the blogs i follow and by flickr; oh, yes, my newest addiction, podcasts.

so many things have been inspirational me, but of course, me being me, i had to over analyze this because it has been so long since i have felt such feelings.  did that just makes sense?  i hope so ’cause it did to me.

anyhoo, i say the weather, but the snow and cold is not going to last much longer.  i say twitter, but what if people stop twittering – OH MY!.  i say – well, you get the picture.  i am afraid that some or ALL of my inspiration will leave and where will that leave me?  uninspired?  i don’t want to be uninspired.  i want to keep this feeling forever.  i want to bottle it up and open it whenever i am feeling blah.  but, alas, this cannot be acheived.  so, i decided that i am going to continue to look for inspiration.  everyday.  in everyway.

i have been doing a lot of knitting and crocheting.  so much so that i have actually put inventory in my etsy shop.  if course, i don’t know if there is a problem with me or wordpress, but i cannot copy a link on the page so you can find me on etsy under marylove and also on under marylove.  i just recently created a banner for both stores and i find it rather colorful.  if you can find anything on either site that you think i should change or add, please do not hesitate to contact me and give me some feedback.  i would definitely appreciate it.

so, please, go check out my shops and i hope, i hope, i hope that i keep up with the blog this time.  i really, really want to.  Read the rest of this entry »

good intentions

September 16, 2010

you know, i always do have good intentions, however, the day seems to always get away from me. my good intentions not only include daily household chores, but that of the wooly nature as well.

see, for the most part during the day, i help out my husband who is disabled. he was in a car accident about 9 years ago and was almost paralyzed. the doctors did not know how he was able to walk around, they do not realize just how strong my husband truly is. he had a five level fusion in his neck. he has all kinds of bars and screws holding his neck up. not a good situation. so, most of my day is spent taking care of his mangled muscles and just trying to make him comfortable.

what i really want to do is start my own on-line and craft fair business. i think i want to sell things like baby booties, bibs, etc. start off small and work my way up to bigger things. like, i am really wishing for a spinning wheel. oh man, what i wouldn’t give for one of them ( well, you know, within reason). i would love to be able to sell yarn. i have my name picked out and everything.

i guess i am just kind of daydreaming here, but i have been daydreaming for so long and i really want to turn it into reality.

how do some of you do it? is there anyone out there i could talk to about it? someone who could be a mentor? i guess i just need a friend right now.

a new day, some new blogs

September 13, 2010

well, unfortunately, i have no new knitting to show you.  but, seriously, i do plan on it today though.  it’s just that the days keep getting away from me.  i really have to get it together though because i do need to get some baby booties completed for our friend’s grandson.

anyhoo, i have been turned-on to some really good blogs lately.  i just love that there is so much creativity out there and so much inspiration.  here are some blogs that i would like to give a shout out to:,,,, and

now, as you can see, i am new at this whole link thing.  i am not sure how to get it to look nice.  any help would be appreciated.

so, check out these blogs.  i have plenty more where they came from!

have a great knitty kind of day!

XO Mary

Hi Guys!

September 12, 2010

i feel embarassed for how long it has been since i have last posted. i had so many good intentions, but just fell into a rut and could not recover. i lost my knitting groove real bad. i am not trying to make excuses, nor am i looking for sympathy. i’m just saying that it has been tough. okay, okay, enough of that, let’s get on with the knitting.

we have a firend who had his first grandson the other day and boy is he a proud grandpa. i started a pair of booties and plan on making a couple pairs for him. the grandpa loves them. he has quite a few grandchildren and i have made them quite a few pairs. he thinks they are super cute. this is the first time i am making booties for a boy though. usually i dress them up with ribbon and such, but of course that is not advisable here. grandpa even stated in a funny way — “no pink or purple, mary” he is a funny guy!

so anyway, i started a pair of dark blue baby booties with a cuff. i figured that was pretty masculine. as masculine as you can get for a baby anyway! of course, i have no pictures yet. my camera is charging. god, it has been soo long since i have blogged, or even took a picture with my camera. i am so looking forward to this. the blogging and the knitting. this will be fun.

in my next post, i will have an FO to share with you. it will not be much, but it will at least be a start.

here is to new beginnings!

knit and be happy!

FO: First Square

February 8, 2010

I have completed my first square out of twelve for the New Traditions Afghan.  I really like the way it is turning out.  It looks like a quilt block to me and it makes me happy – silly i know, but its the little things I guess.

Today I will be working on a secret project.  I am test knitting something for the first time and I am very excited about the project.  I don’t know how long it will be until I can really blog about it, but I will tell you that it is exciting.

I placed an order to KnitPicks last night.  I ordered a couple of books since they are having an awesome book sale, you should definitely check it out.  And I am planning on starting my first lace stole.  You can find the pattern there, but you will need to scroll down a bit.  I also ordered the supplies for my test knit (I am just practicing until the order gets here) and a couple of other doodads just for the fun of it.  I had a gift certificate from my Dad and Step-mom which was much fun to spend.

The stole is going to be for my step-daughter’s wedding.  She will be getting married next February and her colors are going to be red and black so I figured I would make the stole in red.  She wants to have an outdoor wedding (don’t worry, it is California, not too cold) so I thought a little wrap would be nice.

I will share all of my lovely buys from KnitPicks, hopefully by Wednesday because well I did put a rush in it.  I had too.  I can’t wait!

Lots of Snow!

February 6, 2010


I mean lots and lots of snow!  I just love the snow.  It is so beautiful when it first arrives.  So fresh and white.  Need I mention that it is great knitting weather. 

The next picture is of one across the street from my apartment.  Can you see the snow blowing around?  Perhaps you may think I am making too big of a deal out of this, but here in Philadelphia this is not a common thing.  Yes, we will get a couple inches here and there, but for us to get almost a foot of snow at once is just craziness!  My husband and I went to the food store to stock up before the storm and I was lucky to get a cart.  When I tell you there was only about three carts left, I am serious.

I have been working on my quilted afghan.  I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying it!

I leave you with a picture of a very happy kitty laying in front of a very warm heater.

Happy knitting everyone!