January 28, 2011

i have been inspired by SO many things recently that i decided i should start blogging again and hopefully stick with it.  i have been inspired by the weather, by the people i follow on twitter, by the blogs i follow and by flickr; oh, yes, my newest addiction, podcasts.

so many things have been inspirational me, but of course, me being me, i had to over analyze this because it has been so long since i have felt such feelings.  did that just makes sense?  i hope so ’cause it did to me.

anyhoo, i say the weather, but the snow and cold is not going to last much longer.  i say twitter, but what if people stop twittering – OH MY!.  i say – well, you get the picture.  i am afraid that some or ALL of my inspiration will leave and where will that leave me?  uninspired?  i don’t want to be uninspired.  i want to keep this feeling forever.  i want to bottle it up and open it whenever i am feeling blah.  but, alas, this cannot be acheived.  so, i decided that i am going to continue to look for inspiration.  everyday.  in everyway.

i have been doing a lot of knitting and crocheting.  so much so that i have actually put inventory in my etsy shop.  if course, i don’t know if there is a problem with me or wordpress, but i cannot copy a link on the page so you can find me on etsy under marylove and also on under marylove.  i just recently created a banner for both stores and i find it rather colorful.  if you can find anything on either site that you think i should change or add, please do not hesitate to contact me and give me some feedback.  i would definitely appreciate it.

so, please, go check out my shops and i hope, i hope, i hope that i keep up with the blog this time.  i really, really want to.  


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