FO: First Square

February 8, 2010

I have completed my first square out of twelve for the New Traditions Afghan.  I really like the way it is turning out.  It looks like a quilt block to me and it makes me happy – silly i know, but its the little things I guess.

Today I will be working on a secret project.  I am test knitting something for the first time and I am very excited about the project.  I don’t know how long it will be until I can really blog about it, but I will tell you that it is exciting.

I placed an order to KnitPicks last night.  I ordered a couple of books since they are having an awesome book sale, you should definitely check it out.  And I am planning on starting my first lace stole.  You can find the pattern there, but you will need to scroll down a bit.  I also ordered the supplies for my test knit (I am just practicing until the order gets here) and a couple of other doodads just for the fun of it.  I had a gift certificate from my Dad and Step-mom which was much fun to spend.

The stole is going to be for my step-daughter’s wedding.  She will be getting married next February and her colors are going to be red and black so I figured I would make the stole in red.  She wants to have an outdoor wedding (don’t worry, it is California, not too cold) so I thought a little wrap would be nice.

I will share all of my lovely buys from KnitPicks, hopefully by Wednesday because well I did put a rush in it.  I had too.  I can’t wait!


One Response to “FO: First Square”

  1. Julie Says:

    the finished square looks great!

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